“My Doberman Jordan started limping on her hind leg and after x-rays, it was determined she had injured her knee. She was put on an anti inflammatory drug to help her heal. This medication did not agree with her and was not helping her discomfort. I found Dr. Argeres and Jordan started her acupuncture and massage in August 08. Within the first several treatments, Jordan was feeling much better. I told Dr. Argeres that Jordan was incontinent and was taking several medications to control this. Dr. Argeres also treated for the incontinence and by December I was able to take Jordan off the DES medication for the incontinence. Dr. Argeres has helped my lovely girl so much. Jordan just LOVES her treatments and can not wait to get to her appointments. Thank you Dr. Argeres for your loving and healing touch. You are truly an angel from heaven..”

C. & J.D.

“I started taking my Rottweiler/Boxer mix, Deeoghee, to Dr. Argeres after she was diagnosed with spondylosis in March 2006. Not only did Deeohgee respond positively to the acupuncture, she fell in love with Dr. Argeres. Almost 4 years later Deeohgee is still doing pretty well. Dr. Argeres is not only a compassionate and skilled acupuncturist she is an incredible human being. Her integrity in both her professional and personal life is beyond reproach. She is a woman of character and quality. I would highly recommend her.”

S. Ragan

“As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine with 8 years experience, I know how powerful acupuncture can be for pain control. I took my 14 year old black lab, Bonnie to Dr. Argeres for acupuncture when arthritis was making it difficult for the dog to get out of bed and go upstairs. Even with my experience, I was amazed at how agile and free moving Bonnie was after a treatment! I had to make her sit for a moment before she would get in the car because she wanted to jump in, just like she did when she was young. It was as if Dr. Argeres had made her 8 years younger. If you have a pet that is experiencing pain and limited range of motion, I encourage you to contact Dr. Argeres and improve their quality of life!”

Dr. R

“Buddy had pain issues, and his other vets could not identify a physical cause. Dr. Argeres, using a combination of acupuncture and massage, has been able to alleviate Buddy’s pain and bring Buddy relief. After his visits with Dr. Argeres he is back to his old self; active, happy, playful, loving, funny. He’s my crazy happy dog again. Dr. Argeres gave Buddy his wag back, and we’ll be forever grateful for her healing. “


“Buster, my 12 year old husky, was diagnoses with IBD in September 2009. He had been stumbling and falling frequently due to rapid weight and muscle mass loss. Our vet, Dr Ries with VCA on Montgomery recommended Dr. Susan Erika Argeres for acupuncture treatments. Dr. Argeres came to our home since Buster couldn’t get in or out of my car. After the first acupuncture treatment, I was amazed to see him regaining his stability. After several visits he was no longer stumbling or falling. The acupuncture treatments also seems to have improved his digestion. I attribute all of these positive changes to his acupuncture treatments. Thank you Dr Argeres for the giving Buster the ability to walk without falling and digestive comfort.”

A. Buckley

“My best friend and companion Shadow was referred to Dr. A in Feb. of ’08. From the first appointment, she has exemplified her professional commitment and compassion in treating him. From asking questions to get to know him and his history to the gentle hands-on treatment she continuously demonstrates her passion for the health and well-being of her patients by offering alternatives to help relieve pain and other health concerns. Her hands-on treatment has brought potential problems to my attention which I can and have relay(ed) to the rest of his vet team. She had a major role in saving his life when he was diagnosed with cancer – which he beat. Her caring extends to her patients’ human(s) as well realizing that what is happening with them has a direct affect on her patients. She has shown me more compassion and caring than my own family. I would without hesitation, recommend Dr. A if you are searching for other ways to alleviate your fur kids’ pain.”


“My young male Rottweiler, Rocky, was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia (fractured coronoid process) when he was just 1 year old and need to surgery to remove a chipped bone in his elbow joint which had made him very lame. I researched the condition on the internet and found that the prognosis for full recovery/joint movement is not always that good. His initial recovery was slow and a few months later the surgeon said that he was not doing as well as she hoped with permanent arthritic changes and he may need to be on pain meds/anti-inflammatory (medication) long term – it was depressing news for our beautiful, young boy. To assist the healing process I decided to take him for acupuncture, as that is something I have benefitted from in the past. Rocky was treated by Dr Argeres with regular acupuncture sessions at about 3-7 months post surgery and I noticed significant improvement over this period. We followed up with some physical therapy. Happily Rocky continued his recovery to the point where 12 months post surgery he had just the slightest shortness of gait on his left side and no signs of any pain. He is not on any medications, but takes high dose glucosamine/msn. He is now running, swimming, playing and enjoying life as a very energetic and fun loving 2 year old – something we did not think was going to be achievable. He clearly benefitted from the acupuncture and I will return to Dr Argeres if either of my dogs have significant medical problems in the future.”


“Our dog Griz was diagnosed with Wobblers in February, 2007. Surgery was not a good option for him, so we turned to acupuncture with Dr. Argeres. Griz loved his acupuncture, and he loved seeing Dr. Argeres. He knew when we were going to see her, and he always was excited to go. He would drag us into the room. The acupuncture, along with the water physical therapy that Dr. Argeres recommended, kept Griz functioning at a high level so that he had a good quality of life even with the Wobblers. We knew that the treatments were helping because when circumstances caused us to occassionally miss an appointment, besides getting the disappointed look from Griz, we also could see a decline in his walking. Griz finally succumbed to the Wobblers, but Dr. Argeres’ care helped extend that date out so that Griz had a full life and was able to do the things he loved – car rides and dog walks.”

M&B. M

“My older beagle was suddenly overcome by a rigid posture with her head to the ground and a severe limp. When pharmaceuticals didn’t help much, I was fortunate to find Dr. Argeres. She could provide acupuncture treatments for my dog at home – convenient for me and less stressful for my dog. After just four treatments, my beagle was back to normal! Thank you, Dr. Argeres!”


“My pet dachshund was very receptive to the acupuncture treatment she received. My little dog is doing wonderfully. Acupuncture has helped her immensely by mitigating her pain. She’s no longer limping or crying. Thank you.”

SJ, JY and of course ‘Lola’ WOOF, WOOF!

“Our 16 year old dachshund mix was diagnosed with IVDD and we were referred to Dr. Argeres for acupuncture to help him manage the pain. Having tried acupuncture and knowing its healing effects, we were hopeful that our dog would experience something similar. We were not prepared for how well he would react to it, though. After just one treatment he was moving around like he had been prior to his back problems. We feel very grateful to have found Dr. Argeres. Not only has she helped provide comfort and pain relief to our beloved companion, she is one of the most loving and compassionate people we have ever met. You can tell that she genuinely loves what she does and cares for the animals she treats. She goes above and beyond to provide the best treatment possible and we would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for alternative treatment for their pets.”